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By Érico Andrei

Introducing collective.bluesky: Automate Your Content Publishing on Bluesky with Plone

Following the release of collective.mastodon, I am excited to announce another milestone: content rules integration with Bluesky, the (soon-to-be) decentralized social network based on the AT Protocol. This exciting new feature is made possible through collective.bluesky!

Why Integrate with Bluesky?

Bluesky is gaining traction, especially after Twitter/X announced it would remove the block feature. This has led some organizations to consider diversifying their social media presence for added security.

A prime example is the Plone Marketing team. While we continue to push news across traditional channels like Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram, we also recognize the need to include emerging platforms like Mastodon and now Bluesky.

Unfortunately, our current tool, Hootsuite, doesn't support these newer networks, which adds a considerable overhead to our volunteers.

How It Works

Much like our Mastodon integration, collective.bluesky allows you to automate content publishing to Bluesky. Plone takes care of the heavy lifting, enabling you to concentrate on crafting exceptional content.

I've already implemented this feature on my own website, Every new sketch or blog post (including this one) is automatically announced on

Current Features

Though still in its early stages, collective.bluesky offers several key features:

  • Multiple Account Handling: Publish selectively across various accounts.
  • Dynamic Text: Customize your message with ease.
  • Smart Media Discovery: The tool automatically identifies and uploads relevant media, choosing the most appropriate scale for each (As Bluesky currently limits image uploads to less than 1Mb files)

đź“– Installation instructions can be found in the package's README, accessible with just a click.

What's Next?

I am committed to improving the documentation and will soon release tutorial videos to help you get started effortlessly.

Feedbacks and suggestions

I'm eager to hear any feedback or suggestions you may have. Feel free to reach out!