Win or Lose, but with Democracy!
By Érico Andrei

Win or Lose, but with Democracy!

As a player, he aspired for more. He used his fame to try to change a country stained by an authoritarian regime, lacking political awareness.

If Brazil changes, I will stay!
Placar magazine cover

To me, he'll be primarily remembered for the platform that brought FHC and Lula together, advocating for direct presidential elections.

I was eight years old, and I was there.

I remember his promise: He would stay in Brazil, with Corinthians, if the "Diretas Já" amendment were approved, allowing Brazilians to elect their President. Our country would have democracy again, and Corinthians will have his leader.

The vote was not our way. Months later, he was in Florence, and our dream of democracy was postponed.

As a man, he had flaws, vices, and mistakes. But then, who doesn't?

Today, Corinthians woke up feeling smaller with the news of Doctor Sócrates' passing.

Sócrates is missed
Before the game, Corinthians players honor our biggest idol.

Tonight, Corinthians will go to sleep greater, five-time Brazilian champions after a game worthy of Corinthians, following a tribute to its greatest hero.