#dornelesday: Remembering Dorneles Treméa
By Érico Andrei

#dornelesday: Remembering Dorneles Treméa

Few things could define Dorneles Treméa as well as this motto: "No sleep for you." More than a motto, this phrase showcased Déo's — as we affectionately called him — sense of humor. Usually, he was the one losing sleep.

We no longer have our "apple juice drinker" among us. He left us too soon, unexpectedly, leaving behind a life of unexplored paths. However, we should remember him for the good times and unique moments he gave us.

Plonistas in front of "Tudo pelo Social"
Dorneles Treméa, Rudá Porto and Nate Aune, during 2010 FISL

What can I say?

I could write about the famous Python community dinners at "Tudo pelo Social" in Porto Alegre.

I could mention his title in the first FISL programming arena, his passion for Python Challenges, his tireless dedication to the open-source world, or even his adventures in Vienna during a Plone Conference.

In fact, I could describe our wanderings in London — where I dragged him to the Globe Theater — or the dozens of travel tips he gave me for surviving international trips (which he frequently took).

It's worth noting the outpouring of grief at his passing. The expressions of sorrow and solidarity that came from all over the world, or the obligatory round of drinks in his honor, wherever we go.

Instead of talking about the geeky Dorneles Treméa, passionate about sharing knowledge, I'll share two stories that show a truly Brazilian and inspiring Déo.

Plone, FISL 5, and Ronaldo Fenômeno

On my first foray into FISL in 2004, I was formally introduced to Plone, the world of open-source communities, and my future friend Dorneles.

Interestingly, when Luciano Ramalho introduced me to Déo, the first thing I said was:

"Are you the guy I complain to about the damn Plone translation?"

He laughed, apologized — even though I hadn't said anything substantial — and explained how to fix what was wrong.

That same day, at night, the Plone community — which I didn't even know existed — decided to meet at a bar in downtown Porto Alegre. We were about 15 people, including Alan Runyan, Kiko Reis, Sidnei da Silva, Luciano Ramalho, and Daniel Vainsencher.

While everyone was celebrating hacker culture, sharing experiences, and discussing code, two people were glued to a TV: Dorneles and me.

It was Brazil vs. Argentina day — the Mineirão game, where Daniela Cicarelli opened up to Ronaldo — and the two of us shared that purely Brazilian, non-geeky moment. We discussed tactics, team merits, and club passions: He was a Colorado fan, and I was a die-hard Corinthians supporter.

At the end of the game, we rejoined the group and had to explain to Alan the significance of that match.

Our shared passion for soccer brought us closer. In our "community," I believe Déo, Osvaldo Santana, and I were the only ones truly passionate about the sport.

Déo was a Colorado fan, even during the Mazembe moments.

Dorneles Treméa during World Plone Day 2008
Déo presenting the new features of Plone during WPD 2008 in São Paulo, Brazil


During the foundation of the Python Brazil Association in 2007, I took advantage of his visit to São Paulo to invite him — Marco André and Osvaldo Santana were also here — to give a lecture on entrepreneurship to my postgraduate students at UNICSUL.

With his characteristic humility, he decided to prepare a presentation in a text editor, just listing the topics he would discuss. In 1h30min, he detailed the successes, failures, and many challenges as a partner at X3Ng, explaining how he refused to give up, as he wouldn't accept defeat, failure, or bankruptcy.

At the end of the class, one of my older students (45 years old), a standard employee in a forgotten data center, came up with teary eyes to thank me for inviting Dorneles. That "kid" had shown him that another life was possible, that settling wasn't the only way.

I know someone will talk about the famous 42 consecutive hours of work, or his superhuman dedication as Big Kahuna of PythonBrasil[5], or his time as president of the Python Brazil Association.

I hope Luciano Ramalho repeats the phrase about how Dorneles Treméa used the time he had, and didn't have, to help others.

Or that Fábio Rizzo writes about that night, at the CTG near PUC/RS when he had a question, and Déo offered to help, as long as someone had a laptop so he could show the code... After 2 hours, we saw the two in front of the computer, which shared table space with steaks and beer bottles.

Some of these moments are in our shared memory. See photos of Dorneles Treméa.


Dorneles Treméa, entrepreneur, community leader, volunteer, developer, advocate of free knowledge, reference for device rooting, Debian collaborator, Colorado fan at heart, sushi lover, apple juice enthusiast.

Dorneles Treméa, son, brother, husband, and father. By the way, the father of two beautiful girls — I hope they know their dad was an enlightened human being.

Dorneles Treméa, an example of dedication, my idol, and my great friend.

We will never forget you.

Thank you for showing me how to be a better human being. Today is your day: #dornelesday.