Screen cheatsheet
By Érico Andrei

Screen cheatsheet

If you work with Linux regularly, you should be familiar with screen. This list of commands is not for you. Next time...

On the other hand, if you are an occasional user and/or no longer have a prodigious memory, the following commands are worth a reference

First Steps

Getting started


List detached windows

screen -DR

Connect to a window with the given PID

screen -r PID

Start a new window named MySession

screen -dmS MySession

Connect to a window named MySession

screen -r MySession


Create a new window

ctrl a c

Name a window

ctrl a A

Show all windows

ctrl a w

Switch to window n

ctrl a 1|2|3|...

Choose a window

ctrl a "

Switch between two windows

ctrl a ctrl a

Dettach from a window

ctrl a d


ctrl a ?

Copy (Starts the copy, Move the cursor to the copy location and press ENTER, select the characters, press ENTER and copy the selected text to the buffer)

ctrl a [

Paste content from buffer

ctrl a ]